San Francisco Bay Area’s “French Connection”: The Bay Area Team

Over 40,000 French living in the Bay AreaDid you know that the French community in the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the largest in the United States. There are over 40,000 French citizens living and working in the Bay Area. They represent the fourth largest non-U.S. buyers of Bay Area real estate, with Canada, China and the United Kingdom being the top three.

Ann Marie Nugent negotiating a real estate purchaseWe love working with the French. My wife and business partner, Ann Marie, lived in Geneva, Switzerland for 12 years with her getting immersed in all things French.  Becoming the “French Connection” has been very easy for our real estate practice. Even my daughter that I raised has lived in France for over 25 years. Yes, we are your “French Connection”.

The good news is there is no problem having a French experience in the Bay Area if you take the time to explore and do a bit of detective work.

Philippe Chevalier will welcome you to his restaurantHere are a few of our favorite French resources for you to check out; the French American Chamber of Commerce; a mortgage company owned by a French family – Avenir Mortgage Planners; one of our favorite French restaurants that most of you will have never heard of – Chevalier; our favorite “staycation” in the Bay Area – the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa. The “French Connections” in the Bay Area are endless.

Team France competing against New ZealandThose who know me also know I love to sail, and I am passionate about the America’s Cup races. France has been connected to the America’s Cup sailing competition for over 150 years, which we anticipate will be held in San Francisco Bay in 2017 with Team Oracle USA as the Defender of the Cup.  Team France will be flying the French flag under the Yacht Club de France colors. (We hope their 2017 campaign does not run out of money this time.)

Meet Richard Bellanger in ParisNow, if you want to actually enjoy a trip to France, we have also have unlimited resources awaiting you there, too. If you need an apartment to rent in Paris check out Paris Perfect. You can find one for as little as 200 Euro a day. And, you can contact Ann Marie to answer any of your questions. If you want to see what a loft in Paris would actually cost we recommend Haussmann Prestige Real Estate.

Audree & Philippe will welcome you to their B&BDuring your visit to France you will need to go south to the Riviera. Our favorite Bed & Breakfast is in Juan les Pins – La Maison des Capucines. Our friends, Audree and Philippe will welcome you with open arms. While in the South of France you may want to visit one of our favorite wineries – Domaines Bunan. If you stop by greet Laurent Bunan for us. He has taken over the management of the winery from his father, Pierre, who started the winery in 1961. What a rich history of wine making their family has.  If you do stop by the winery you will want to have lunch or dinner at Ile Rousse in Bandol. It is one of our favorite restaurants right on the water in VAR region of France.

As you can see, we are raving fans of the French community in the Bay Area, and we love our regular visits to France. Contact us any time with questions about our “French Connections”. Until next time… Jim Walberg.