Affordability: The “Wild Card” Of Bay Area Housing

By: Jim Walberg, staff writer for The Bay Area Team @PacificUnion

Two-hour commutes to work! Bumper to bumper traffic on the 580 and 680! Does this ring true for you? Greg Gross, Metrostudy regional director for Northern California, said recent statement, “The story in the Bay Area housing markets will be affordability for the long term.”

The lack of housing affordability results in more than just Bay Area residents paying high percentages of their income on rents and mortgages. It causes families to be pushed out of job markets in order to find homes they actually can afford. We can all agree that moving 40 miles away from your job is not a sustainable solution for individuals and families. The Bay Area’s housing affordability crisis is so widely acknowledged that it sometimes can seem like the new normal. Continue reading