Jim Walberg of Pacific Union Honored with Extraordinary Philanthropist Award

John Brian Losh presenting the awardNo one ever seeks out an acknowledgment for their work in community service. I certainly did not. And, what a humbling honor to have Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate select me to be their 2014 Extraordinary Philanthropist at their 19th Annual Fall conference in Boston several weeks ago where members from around the globe gathered to share best practices and expand their personal connections with the best of the best in luxury real estate.

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2012 Holiday Events: Tree Lightings In The San Ramon Valley

Where will community Holiday trees be lit this year?

Will programs will be a part of the tree lightings?

How is Hospice helped because of the tree lighting?

For at least 36 years Danville has had a tradition of lighting the Old Oak Tree on the Friday evening after Thanksgiving, November 23rd.   It is one of our most fun community events of the year.  The whole downtown is closed down to all but foot traffic starting about 4:00 PM as families start to gather at the Old Oak Tree on Diablo Road for the 5:15 PM start of the program.  The Danville Chamber of Commerce is the host again this year. Continue reading

East Bay Real Estate: Paying It Forward During The Holidays!

The phrase we are focusing on during the Christmas and Holiday Season is, “To whom much is given, much is required!”  I believe that all of us want to give back to the needs of our local communities.  What we have noticed is that most people don’t know where to start, so it gets complicated, and then nothing happens.  Well, you are in luck, I am going to provide you two easy opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people in the East that are less fortunate than any of us.

CONTRA COSTA FOOD BANK: Because of the economic mess the past four years, there are many more families that are on the edge collapse.  The Food Bank has good from serving 70,000 meals a month to 120,000 a month!  Their resources are stretched to the maximum, sometimes going day to day.  Amazingly, the most important food they distribute to families is Peanut Butter – the #1 source of protein for many families!  What they most need are checks.  Because of their relationship with the grocery store industry, they are able to purchase $6.00 of food for every $1.00 that is donated.  WOW!  What an impact a $50 donation can make in the lives of those who need food. Continue reading

East Bay’s “One Warm Coat” Project A Huge Success!

There is an increasing number of East Bay families at risk during these challenging times.  The One Warm Coat project is a critical service provided to these families.

For the past 13 years we have organized our local real estate community to participate in the One Warm Coat project.  We spent the last two weeks collecting any type of good warm clothing; coats, sweaters, blankets, sleeping bags, socks, hats, etc.   This year there was over 15,000 pieces of clothing collected in the East Bay for this critical project.  Giving back  is critical for all of us who are alive.

What we have discovered is that people in our community want to help with the needs of those less fortunate.  Often times the reason they don’t participate in giving is because they have not been given an easy way to do so.  We passed out over 1,000 large plastic bags on the front porches of the neighborhoods for whom we serve their real estate needs.  We made it very easy for individuals to help, and they did in overwhelming ways.  You would not believe how many truck loads of pick-ups I made.  It is as if the community as a whole are reordering their priorities and giving back even more during these difficult economic times.  “If you have a loaf then at least share a slice.”

We even invited other friends of ours to take up the challenge to gather warm clothing.  Dean Langston from Milestone Mortgage  and Ashley Provost from ROI Home Services  decide to through a Holiday party at Dean’s home as the “hook”.  The ticket to the party was a warm coat.  They collected over 660 coats the night of the party!!!  They even involved our local community vendors to supply the party’s needs.  For example, The Peasant & The Pear supplied all the food!  And they passed out coupons for a free dessert the next time you go their restaurant.  It was an inspiring result from two people dedicated to giving back to the community.

Several community organizations are benefiting from the collection of all these warm clothes.  Two of them are Sheperd’s Gate, and Contra Costa Family Services.  The impact these two organizations have in serving families at risk is unbelievable.  Contact me  if you would like to find out more information as to who you can help in serving the community needs of the East Bay.  Until next time.